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Treat Yourself today, enjoy the benefit! english


Massage salon invites You!

Mobile: +48 508 40 50 49

Monday - Sunday: 10oo - 21oo



Chinese massage - 1h / 135zł

Classical full-body massage including SHIATSU - 2h / 210zł

Classical full-body massage 1h / 110zł

Slimming massage 5-10x, cinnamon and chocolate preparation - 1h / 170zł

Massage for children - 1h / 80zł

Honey massage - 1h / 135zł

AYURVEDIC massage - 1h / 180zł

Hot stones massage - 1h / 160zł

Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments - 1h / 120zł

Aromatherapy massage - 1h / 150zł

4 hands massage - 1h / 180zł

Lymphatic massage - 1h / 135zł

Tuning-forks massage - 1h 110zł

Chiropractic massage - 1h / 145zł

Shiatsu massage - 1h / 135zł

Manual therapy - 1h / 135zł

Amber massage - 155zł

Thai Massage - 150zł

Massage with coconut oil - 160zł

Netra Vasti - 125zł


Classical - 0,5h / 60zł

Honey massage - 0,5h / 75zł

Foot Reflexology - 0,5h / 65zł

Facial massage (relaxing) - 0,5h / 50zł

Chinese cup ping therapy (vaccum) - 0,5h / 50zł

Head massage - 0,5h / 50zł


- Coaching PLN 1700 - 3days
-Ear candling combined with facial massage PLN 45 - 30min (recommended minimum 5 sessions)
-Ear coning combined with facial massage  PLN 50 - 45min (recommended minimum 5 sessions)
-Breathwork session plus a suprise - 1h/100PLN
If You make an appointment for massage, we kindly ask You to pre-pay 50,00PLN as confirmation
In the case of Your resignation, the 50PLN will not be returned


-Authentic original Tibetan & Nepalese jewellery: dragon bracelets, figures, rings, incense holders etc.

-Balsam, body gel, creams, herbs, natural beauty products, magnetic massage mat, acupressure point mat.